We believe in Yemen and its people. Our goal is to work with Yemeni farmers to empower them to overcome market barriers, and to develop greater infrastructure for their farms. To do this we are working hands on with the farmers on teaching them best agricultural practices such as pruning, red cherry picking as well as building the first drying beds in Yemen. This will greatly improve the quality and production of their coffee trees. These programs will focus especially on women since they make up 75% of the coffee farmers in Yemen.


About us

Mocha Mill is committed to producing the highest quality specialty grade coffee in Yemen, while following principle practices that serve people and the planet.

Mocha Mill is committed to be a reliable trading partner that will facilitate direct trade relationships between coffee farmers, importers, and roasters. We are constantly sourcing coffee from mountainous communities all throughout Yemen and investigating their flavor profiles in our lab in order to identify single source, specialty grade coffee lots from these communities to coffee drinkers all over the world.

Our mission is to produce traceable, specialty grade Yemeni coffee at their origin by with farmers and cooperatives by establishing "Coffee Collection Centers" (CCC) and a state-of-the-art processing mill.



At the legendary port city of Mocha, Yemen became the birthplace of coffee cultivation and the first in the world to commercialize coffee production. Mocha Mill is a company built to place Yemeni coffee back at the forefront of the global coffee trade by empowering coffee farmers in Yemen with the knowledge and tools to bring positive changes in the quality of their coffees and lives.


  • The people of Yemen are at the center of our work.
  • We are educating farmers on the best agricultural practices to improve the quality and production of their coffee trees.
  • Employ more people, especially women, to improve the livelihood of all Yemenis


  • Yemen is a country facing one of the greatest water crisis on the planet.
  • Sustainability is a guiding principle at the center of all our business practices.
  • We are implementing Innovative irrigation and dry processing techniques to address water scarcity and reduce impact on global warming


  • Implementing the highest coffee quality control standards, specifications and protocols
  • Remaining a reliable trading partner with consistency at our core
  • Working with full transparency with our farmers and accurate traceability with our importers and roasters around the world


Producer : Mocha Mill - Harazi

Region: Sana’a

District : Lahab Haraz .

Members: 830 Farmers

Coffee Trees :200,000

Main Valleys : Wadi Al-Maa ,Badiat Al -Asheq .

Characterizes : apple ,strawberry ,banana ,fruit ,chocolate ,ginger, cherry

Region: Sana’a

District : Bani Esmaeel.

Members: 437 Farmers

Coffee Trees :200,000

Main Valleys : Wadi AL Geel .

Characterizes :cacao, strawberry , ,fruit ,chocolate ,ginger, apricot , cherry

Producer : Mocha Mill - Ismaily

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